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As you can probably imagine, the work done by our police force is a very responsible task indeed. The safety of the British public is at risk and we all want to know that the people keeping our communities safe are the best possible people for the job. The selection of officers and Police Community Support Officers therefore has to be incredibly tight and thorough. Police recruitment courses are very precise and are designed to find the best candidates. So why even bother putting yourself through such a course and how hard are they?

So why go through police recruitment courses? Well, the idea of becoming a police officer is one that appeals to many people with certain attributes and skills. If you have the right mindset and skills then you may well be a very suitable applicant.

There is a huge scope for members of the police force to make a really significant difference to the communities in which they work. For many people this is a good enough reason but there are other advantages to becoming a police officer: if you are one of the successful applicants you will be a part of a strong and professional team. For many of us this is a huge plus as working as part of a team is definitely better than being completely alone.

Salary, pension and retirement age statistics look very good as well for police officers as the salary is very good, the retirement age is 55 and the pension should do nicely. The travel to work isn’t likely to be terribly long and many officers are afforded complementary gym memberships.

So are police recruitment courses difficult and are there any pre-requisites that one must have before applying?

You must be a very responsible and trustworthy individual to be accepted as a police officer. The job is a very important one and you must possess these qualities if you are going to have any chance of making it through to the next stage.

There are physical tests to worry about including a stamina and strength section and some mental ones as well. You will be asked to demonstrate your mathematical ability and your ability to spell with a high level of accuracy. There is a more formal interview to assess your views and attitudes in order to gauge your applicability and some role play based assessments to ensure you have what it takes to react with calm and authority.

The role of a police officer is not an easy one at all. Police recruitment courses are designed to sort out the very best and most suitable applicants. We would all rather think that the people keeping us safe are the most appropriate and responsible and thus it has to be the case that the application process is very stringent. The job of being a police officer appeals to many people but few have the skills and abilities necessary to enable them to carry out the many tasks performed by our very highly selected and highly trained police force.

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